• The Dinar Market’s professional attitude and exceptional customer service has earned them my continued business. The processing and status updates are reassuring in today’s international transactions.


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At Dinar Market, our primary goal is to serve you, the customer in a safe and secure online environment that ensures total privacy and confidence.  We have been selling the New Iraq Dinar since 2004 when investors first became interested in accumulating this currency. Over the years, we have sold billions of dinar to dealers and individuals across the globe at the most competitive prices available anywhere. 

Because we acquire our Dinar directly from The Central Bank of Iraq, we ship only brand new, uncirculated notes of the 25K, 10K and 5K denominations.With Dinar Market, you can expect the highest level of service during every step of the process including pre-purchasing questions and concerns, to secure transactions, to the delivery of your dinar by Federal Express. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed! 
For more information about New Iraqi Dinars and for current prices in Iraq, visit the Central Bank of Iraq's website: www.cbi.iq